Nice ambiance and decent food at decent cost.

Located inside club CPR premises. Quiet surrounding. Seating in a big hall and outside in open. The set up is a notch above restaurants of clubs of public sector.

Decent service and food not outstanding.

Somewhat detailed bar menu but not exhaustive.

Limited food menu. Ranging from usual Desi starters including ’Chana Chat’ also Indianized oriental.
same is the case with main course. Limited Range of popular gravy items . Including ’Bawarchi Ki Khasiya’.
Good range of breads including ’Rumali Roti ’.

Kulfi, scoops of ice cream and Gulab Jamun.

Tried. .. Panir Lehsuni (great ), Veg Manchurian dry(spicy), Veg Clear soup (not on menu.. . Request), Veg Jaipuri (fine but some Vegis were still chewy), Rumali Roti(served not as warm as required. .. hardening started) , Garlic Nan(good), Wheat Roti, Scoop, Gulab Jamun (internal heat indicated use of microwave).

Plus… location and set up, cost
Minus… limited menu
Finally … can be tried once