Subway, baner is our odd time quick hunger refuge. Baner outlet has some plus points like outside seating space as well as seating space inside. Typically crowded in evening time but calm in odd hours.
Thought of having sub of the day but it was ch ham and dropped the idea.

I tried newly introduced chapata chana petty Rs 125 but conservative kiddo asked for aloo petty Rs 140 in hearty Italian without pickel + jalapenos, extra cheese, without warming; musterd, sweet onion and mayonnaise sauce. Also dark cookies Rs 30 each.

Best patr is fresh crunchy vegis/salad.

Newly introduced chana patty failed to tickle taste buds. It was made up of chickpea and not chana, higer on salt lower on spice.
Aloo patty was much better mellow and tasty.
cookies were somewhere beteen soft and crisp, low on sugar, high on fat but tasteful.
Plus… space and ambiance
minus… parking on busy junction
Finally… relatively healthier place to eat