After tasting the stuff, I think that if you fulfill a few basic prerequisites than only visit this place else it can be a disappointment.

a) You love eating authentic preparations or at least interested in
b) You have taste buds to appreciate different or unusual taste and flavors
c) You are fine with spending good amount on food

It may be slightly upmarket place when compared with other local outlets but I will rate it as an average bakery one may find in an European neighborhood.

Authentic French bakery preparations; good looking and artistic; with nice taste; fit for enjoying in small portions and not to for stuffing.

By the time I visited in evening; just before they close, pastries were sold out and among stuff available… Tarts, Eclairs, Baguettes, Croissents etc. An Opera too which two of us could have afforded but couldn’t have done justice with.

Settled for Pain au Chocolat Rs 90, crusty outside soft buttery inside with small core of authentic Belgian chcolet. Tasted great with Nilgiri Black at home.

Eclairs vanilla and coffee Rs 140 each, decorated with sugar hearts and garnished with semisolid icing sugar. Hard crust with soft filling. Decent but different taste. Kiddo rated coffee better but me vanilla.

Good enough or may be great. Rates are € / Euro equivalent or less.

Boat Club road outlet is surely better.