Went to Little Italy for dinner; early evening time was chosen to avoid weekend rush. Valet parking and as we were escorted in, the place was already nearly full. We were politely guided by the staff towards a corner table.

Not very bright illumination, moderately spaced tables, decent wooden finish/feel interiors, 1990s “Meat Loaf” number “Objects In Rear View Mirror” at low decibels… it amounted to a decent ambiance.

Gone through fluid menu felt it a bit limited specifically for wines.
Pretty wide-band course based food menu; Italian and Mexican with some original and some inspired preparations.

Wife asked for Soup, I went for mild alcoholic beverage but our little one had one point agenda; Spaghetti in while sauce.








Minestrone Soup- not so clear soup with fresh conventional greens @ Rs 200 tasted Decent.

Al 4 Formaggi – tender spaghetti in white sauce made up of combination of four cheeses; Blue, Mozzarella, Gouda and Parmesan garnished with little black pepper. Very smooth and tasty @ Rs 450.

Mild Alcoholic Beverage – the glass was pre-cooled; the bottle was offered for temperature check and poured decently. Very professional and up to the mark.

Portions were decent and can be shared easily.

We went for pizza and decided to have Fantasy in wheat base. It was about 11 inch size thin crust having Indian touch; topped up with onion, capsicum, paneer, coriander, mushrooms, herbs and spicy tangy tomato sauce @ Rs 460 (higher side though) tasted great.

To top it up; it was sizzling chocolate brownie garnished with walnuts on extremely hot plate. As the chocolate sauce was poured on the brownie; it started caramelizing on the hot plate, giving excellent fragrance of caramelizing chocolate. @ Rs 255 it tasted excellent.

Dispensers of pepper, salt, herbs, chili flakes, Tabasco etc were on the table but missed oil and balsamic vinegar dispensers (pic). The table napkin given to me though was clean but had a few holes (pic). No wheat breads, options in wheat are pizza and few pastas.

Staff was polite, trained and service was good.

Total Rs 1900 (total taxes Rs 190) for two adults and a nosy kid; decent dining experience. It would have been 0.5 count up.