We visited Kimling yesterday late night for dinner. The place was partially full.

Work is in progress on the road these days at which it is located and parking can be a problem but thankfully valet parking is available.

We opted to sit inside because of smell of strong tobacco smoke outside. Average ambiance.

Table napkins were not present on table (only tissues) and I needed to ask for same.

We asked for a few items “as running” just because our little one was hungry.




Veg Clear Soup- very clear having small chunks of typically used greens @ Rs 110. Tasted great.
Veg Manchurian – gravy was low on corn starch but tasted bitter and sour because over usage of soya sauce @ Rs 180. Tasted awful.

Egg Noodles Haka style- dry, low on oil, topped up with thin strips of omelet @ 155. Tasted decent.
Chefs Special Vegetables- assorted chunky colorful vegetables including zucchini, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, bamboo shoots and mushrooms etc in chef special oyster sauce. Never thought it can be so spicy. @ Rs 190. Tasted fine.

Veg 5 Treasure rice- fried with assorted colorful vegetables @ Rs 160. Tasted Decent.
Honey Noodles with Ice Cream- deep fried flat noodles, tossed in honey and garnished with sesame seeds, served cold (and not hot) with vanilla ice cream @ Rs 160. Tasted nice but warm noodles would have been better!

First three preparations were served quickly but for later two, it seems staff forgot to check or there was some other reason because we were dozing off with empty plates for nearly 20 minutes and finally a reminder was required to bring the order. Last one was also served with a bit delay. Service not up to expectations.

Staff felt trained; especially serving the drinks.

Portions were good in size and value for money. Five preparations and a soup in Aundh @ Rs 1000; not bad at all but from taste and service point of view overall average dining experience and could have been 3.5!