I thought it was a good idea to wait at “Replay” instead of waiting at the bus drop point of Mumbai-Pune bus during late evening today.

Big hall with moderate illumination, wooden finish furniture, Typically contemporary sports bar or pub type seating arrangement, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the water” followed by G&R’s “November Rain” with Slash’s magic on the lead at high decibels, also… Football match on the big screen; it totally amounted to decent sporty ambiance. Open air seating is also available.





Somehow, Wazwan was not out of my mind and while going through food menu, I decided to go for Nadru Chips. The stuff is also known as “Murag” in “great cow-belt of India” or as “Kamal Kakdi” in the north. Deep fried figures of peeled lotus stem, sprinkled with spices (especially the red chili)… excellent.

A jumbo draft followed by a small draft and before I could ask for next one, I got a call.
Staff is bit raw but friendly.

To be frank with you, it is relatively cheaper bar menu with 5-6 overseas brands of beers. Also wide band food menu with combos.

This place definitely deserves a full visit.

So far so good!!!