This place stands out among others in the vicinity due to two reasons a) font and colors on signboard b) vertical electric pit on right and rotating full birds in oven on the left.
It looks like an average small turkish outlets you may encounter in poor side of Europe.
Some tables in open air and some inside; there is not much place to sit.
I was driving by; hungry as usual hence decided to stop and grab a bite last night.
I had a look at what is been preared near pit, bottels as well as material near the pit and asked for chicken shawarma or chicken wrap or dorian kabab without bothering about the menu or having a seat (because none was available).
Wallah! In two minus, wrapped in a butter paper, it was in my hand.
The chicken was tender and warm, the filling was wet, little spicy and tangy with balance of sweetness. The salad was crunchy. The flat bread was closer to chapati but the size was small.
It was finished in no time and I asked for one more but different this time and the suggestion was going for barbeque sauce and I accepted.
This time again it was quick but it was bit sweeter yet little spicy not as good as first one.
Total cost was decent Rs 70 per shawarma. Taste was also above average. It was quick. Not bad at all.