If you want me to describe this place in three words those will be “chocolate lovers heaven”.

Every time I tried anything at this place, it was never disappointing.
All forms for chocolate using Belgian Cacao … as you like it please. Stuff ranging from cakes, pastries, chocolates, brownie, cookies, shakes, shots, mix n match and much more.

The important aspects is the attitude of the gentleman on the counter …always courteous and polite.


Today; one eight portions of Choco Truffle cake and Choco Chip cake.

Warmed till the melting starts, mild chocolate aroma and the layers automatically start sliding due to gravity… too good to see and too good to eat… as they rightly say that you first taste with your eyes then the nose and then by the tongue.

Rs 62 per portion Rs 7 tax. One big dark chocolate Rs 99.