Though newer when compared to Vaishali and Roopali yet Wadeshwar is able to pull crowd because of ambiance and taste.

If one wants to have breakfast at a decent place early in the morning (say 7:30 AM) at Ferguson Collage Road; Wadeshwar is one of the places.

Though majority of early morning visitors to this as well as other two places mentioned above are the “regulars” yet the difference in patron profile can be understood by looking at the vehicles parked outside these restaurants (DIY).

Closely packed seating in open with shadow of tree as well as surrounding; furniture, menu and rest of the items following a color harmony scheme totally amount to nice ambiance.

In addition to common and usually uncommon south Indian snacks they also have plenty to offer which include bread and related stuff, kulfi, parathas ,dal vada, appe, healthy food items and much more. Also specialties (pic of menu part attached).






Early morning breakfast.

Ghee Idli: This is one of the specialty. Mini idlis dipped in tangy-sweet-spicy Sambhar having overpowering taste of Asafoetidaand, further topped with Desi Ghee. Served piping hot along with gun-powder and coconut chutney. Yum but little overpriced at Rs 75.

Steamed idli: Huge idlis dipped in Sambhar served piping hot with coconut chutney. Nice at Rs 40.

Chai/tea: Strong and tasteful. Taste clearly indicates that ready to use tea extract mixed with hot sweet milk. Decent but little overpriced at Rs 20.

Quick service.

Overall nice breakfast option.