Above average Missal-Pav with different taste of Tari/rassa/spicy-broth (served in abundance).

The address providing on the site is not accurate. The place in located much away from New Puna Bakery towards west. They also have an outlet near old Mumbai Pune highway near Somatane Phata which I visited with one of our test drivers some time ago.

Spacious and clean place, very quick service and available stuff is Misal, Farsan, Solkadhi, Tak and cold drinks. Very polite and friendly staff.

The missal plate comes garnished with chopped onion, cucumber and tomato slices, two small bowls of warm Tari/rassa/spicy-broth, a Jodi of crisp (toasted) pavs, lemon slice and little portion of sour curd.

If you are not careful while having the first bite, the rassa can kick back (thaska).

Once they notice that you are done with two small bowls of rassa/tari/spicy-booth; the staff will put a big bowl full of Tari/rassa/spicy-broth on the table.

The toasted pavs keep on coming till you say done and same is for onion and lemon.

Worth mentioning
On Baner Road, there are only one or two joints which serve tasty missal; Rupesh Missal is going to open a branch near Dutt Temple, Baner Road soon.

One Misal, Fasran plate and a few extra pavs, plenty of tasteful fiery broth… under Rs 100, great place.