Restaurant without good service and staff is same as a vehicle with flat tyres and todays visit to MH09 was a disaster.

It was about 9:30 PM and two of us went for the dinner. The occupancy was about 70-80%.

We ordered for a Veg Thali and a Mutton Thali (to sit and eat). We also asked for Egg Curry (less chili), Pithla, Bhakhri, Chapati and Rice as parcel.

The staff was smart and entirely new (not same as earlier because I visit this place at least twice in a month). They were keen in taking order but not so keen in taking care. What we also noticed that the staff was more interested in attending and serving table with female guests and not the rest.

I made a request for egg instead of Khima Vati. It was accepted but not delivered. They were not even interested/ready to listen about the error. Went to the cash counter to show and get replacement but in vein because the person was too busy taking a bulk order over phone.

Bhakhri served in the Thali was cold. Tambda and Pandhra rassas were cold too. Waited for 10 minutes for getting the refill and did only get. Went again to the cash counter (post a few requests) to show empty vatis.

Felt like sitting and eating in a LUNGAR or an ANNA-CHATRA (both have no choices) but at least service is superior.

Got pissed off; left the dinner in the middle and walked out. While paying the bill; person at cash counter said that staff is new.

Waited for 10 minutes on cash counter for the parcel and later realized at home that the egg curry was full of chili (went directly to the dust bin except eggs).

Paid Rs 600, walked out, half food gone waste and felt sad about it.

Probably it was the last visit to this place.