It was another get together of SUV enthusiasts (Pune and Mumbai) on a short notice; this time not at usual “Boat Club” but at Copa Cabana for a change.

Eight of us were there by 8:00 PM and the place was already bustling with the crowd.

Took elevated corner seating place on the right side of the bar so that we can escape the rush and crowd.

It was really a huge menu and rare chance to miss any cuisine (I did not see Korean though :)) Many of us are old schools and went ahead with conventional way.

Lots of fluid both alcoholic and non-alcoholic; Hard and mild; not to forget Red-bull.
Every beer has a defined glass and it makes a difference when it is served in it. Beauty; drinks were served in the glass meant for serving it; very rare places you will find this. Class apart!!!







French Fries with special “Brown Sauce by Chef Amit” on request by one of us.

Spicy Crispy chicken- Dry preparation in green base; lots of spring onion and garlic also sprouts etc. Not very yummy but not bad either.

Chicken Angara- Chunks of boneless chicken in dry red base served in super-hot cast plate; pseudo flambé using alcohol. It was tender and good.

Kombdi mirchi lehsuni – dry orange base boneless chicken chunks which were tender prepared with lots of red chili and garlic cloves. Rustic and yummy.

Masala-Papad- the usual nothing special.

Peanuts- roasted, salted and absolutely crisp but sadly at a cost.

Chicken biryani- starters were too much filling and could only go for biryani.

Even though there were 2-3 coils in action, Mosquitoes settled the entire account with only two of us who were in the shorts.

Service was not prompt and after two slips, we requested to change the staff responsible for the table.

Approximately a grand per person in the final sum but more importantly lots of discussion on vehicles including Wayanad event too… Priceless.

Great dining experience.