Not very long ago there were only two good South Indian Restaurants on Ferguson College road. Typically, both had strict fan followings and followers of one place rarely visited the other one. Though it still exists to an extent (we have one of them at our home) but the times have changed. I was enjoying tea at Roopali this morning at about Quarter to Eight and the place was nearly full with usuals’ (typical daily morning walkers, DJ members, play pool teams etc) when I saw an elderly “Puneri” couple walking in. They had a look around; could not find place to sit; looked at each other and immediately walked out towards next restaurant on the right.

If you opt to sit outside, you nearly sit on FC road. The main hall is also cramped.

In addition to usual south Indian snacks they have specific items which are not available at the Vailshali. Thali meals, Dal-Rice, Rasam-Rice, Curd-Rice, Khurma-Puri, Rava Dosa and Set Dosa, Puri-bhaji etc.





Piping hot Sambhar having big chunks of gourd; less sweeter; with deep taste of Rigged Gourd; red chilly which cause late warmth effect on taste buds.

Coconut chutney which is pulpy but has fibers.

Tea concoction which has very deep flavor (close to black tea) mixed separately with light milk.

Not to forget the Dahi Vada which tastes sweet!

“A restaurant which is nearly a part of Middle Class Old Pune Culture”