Good enough to explore for small party at home for kids at a decent cost!!!

Operated by a jovial couple; this place was recommended by our family friends for the cakes. They are in to bakery products; also sell coffee as well as exotic spices. We walked in to get a cake for Kiddos birthday. She finalized a 2 pounder after going through the album.

Being weekday, the event was very small and limited to 6-8 of her friends from the neighborhood. We were interested in outsourcing the entire planned menu. While placing the order; we got suggestion from Chaitra to go for pasta and we went ahead placing 2 kg order. To be on safer side; we also ordered some veg puffs.





Cake – about Rs 750 Chocolate cake with vanilla icing layer, decorated with girly pink color icing… was very soft and tasty. The pack of kids nearly finished a pound and half.

Pasta- about Rs 400 a kg, it was provided in a big oval glass bowl fresh-wrapped (with a promise to return the bowl ASAP). Penne in pink sauce (mixture of white and red, we were informed that it is popular with kids) having crunchy yellow-red bell peppers, olives and tomatoes. It was very colorful and blend (non-spicy). Though I found the pasta slightly bitter but kids enjoyed it.

Veg Puffs- Puffs were crisp but bit spicy. Some kids did not like it and left half eaten.

Decent some of about Rs 1900; it was worth the money paid.

Good enough.