Strictly for fluid loving young but is also applicable for young at heart… “This is value for money place with lots of options to choose from”.

It was first visit and the place is really hidden; though it was a weekday but I think this place offers best in class parking one can ever get on Boat Club Road in the evening.

Big hall full of posters-paintings-pictures on the walls boldly announcing the theme, very vibrant and colorful, pleasantly noise (but you have to be rock lover), good service and decent menu; totally great ambiance.

Three of us (old friends) spent almost 3 hours or more till late night listening to great rock with some requests made for NIRVANA, RHCP and G&R numbers.










Chili Chicken – Great taste with tenderness and decent portion size.

Crispy Chicken – Chicken fillets (and not fingers), coated with batter and deep fried served in a bucket with less spicy-sweet sauce. Very crisp yet tender from inside. Awesome.

Beer Basket- 5 pints partially dipped in ice.

Mug on the draft- beer served in a pre cooled branded mug. Great.

Dal Tadka- decent preparation.

Jeera rice- lots of cumin seeds partly charred. Decent.

Worth to mention-

Very closely spaced bench seating towards the wall side… when I went to washroom the table on the left side was vacant but when I returned in 2 minutes; found two couples occupying it. It was tricky to get back to my bench seat and soon I realized that the low gap was good enough to make anyone nervous/cautious. Thankfully, she exchanged the seat with her partner.

No knives of the table and required to ask.

Nice collection of famous beers from various parts of the world including Belgian beers… Duvel, Trappist Chimay, secondary fermented in bottle the Saison Dupont.

Barmen’s Pitcher… Unique way to serve it and I must try next time.

Finally total about Rs 2700 but catching with old friends in the same way it used to be… Priceless.