Not very attractive looking place, never crowded, rarely saw it closed, very basic in terms of infra but the place is just good for an average quick bite.

Lots of common / typical / special ready to use fillings; potato, veggies, mushrooms, corn, PANEER, veg KHIMA, Spinach and cheese preparations in VEG; Egg, Chicken, Mutton, Fish preparations in NONVEG; Bottled water and some beverages. Extras are also available at decent extra cost.
Rolls ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 100 which I feel is little higher.

The best thing I liked is they make fresh wrap/PAROTHA in front of you on a big BHATTI having huge thick griddle/TAWA. Two options for wrap MAIDA (white flour) and ATTA (whole wheat flour with extra Rs 10).




Cheese-Spinach KATHI Roll in MAIDA wrap – Molten cheese with spinach wrapped in bit high on grease bread; it was decent @ Rs 100

Mushroom Tikka KATHI roll in ATTA wrap – Very spicy preparation of Mushrooms and onions (I was told while placing the order) wrapped in relatively lesser greasy bread; gave me tough time @ Rs 100

Both were ready in 5-7 minutes and served hot with mint-chili-coriander-curd dip which was above par. Request was made for tomato ketchup which was promptly fulfilled.

Saw only one griddle and they scrap clean it before the switch but if you are a pure vegetarian who prefers to keep the cookware separate; may find it offensive… check.

Wrong direction of wind and invisible sewer line will surely bother you while eating.

Finally… “USA types” may find some hygiene issues.