Cheap “chocolate and coffee thrills”…

This place has come up in recent past on Baner road and I have always seen it crowded. The signboard clearly provides the idea about the stuff and I decided to try during late evening.

With some plastic stools to sit outside on the footpath and some seating space upstairs, this is a small place with nearly no frills.

Right had side of the menu really surprised me and I realized the reason why it is a crowd puller and why it is giving a tough time to other similar outlets in the vicinity. Menu had nearly everything one may get at a similar upmarket places plus something extra but the difference is in the names as the cost.




Choco Crème B – @ Rs 60, it is decent thick preparation with topping of chocolate which will remind you CAD-B of Café Chocolade. Not bad but not great either.

Kuka – Got it complementary for tasting because I was not sure if I will be able to have it full. Thick creamy coffee close to Fro-Fee for Café Chocolade but this one is bit stronger. Try…

Sitafal (custard apple) Shake- At Rs 50 it was thickish, Sitafal ice cream shake but the frost content in the ice cream was high and uncrushed ice fractions were spoiling the smoothness and taste. Decent but not great.

Choco shake- At Rs 30 it was slightly thicker, not so free-flowing, light chocolate shake. Ok.

Under Rs 150 it was not the best but value for money place.

I will say… Good enough.