Widely respected Misal joint and one of the top three in Pune; not only popular among Pune Kokanasth population but non Thaskedar (chili kickback) Misal buffs as well.

If you don’t know where the place is located, just ask anyone and everyone on Laxmi Raod area and you will get the directions. Joint exists since really long time and old Punekars can vouch for the Misal taste.

No matter whenever you go, the place is bustling with patrons (the pic was taken at 9 AM and you can see the crowd).

Old school place; a tea joint; more popular for Misal and less for tea; also serving tea, Gol Bhajjis (Pakodas), Kokam Sharbat, different types of Vadis (Desi toffees) etc.

Total 6 tables marked with A and B sides. You have to pay at cash counter, get the token, collect the plate of Misal and take your seat. The Sampal (spicy hot broth) is served on your table by the staff. Very friendly owner and staff with pure Puneri attitude. The additional amount you pay at counter later.


@ Rs 50, Missal plate consists of layers of Batate (Potato) Pohe, Matki, Chivda, Thick Sev and Chopped onion with coriander garnish. The Sampal (broth) bowl with a particular taste which has a lot of sweetness, little tangy’ness and the warmth of chili which has late but long lasting effect on tongue as well as on lips. Bread slices (sorry no Pav) and curd. Salt and lemon slices are available in abundance on the table to tickle your taste buds, in case you need them.

Sampal (broth) is not free flowing like other places and you need to shell out Rs 20 extra.

Worth mentioning…
Sampal (Broth) is not so Thaskedar (chili kickback) unless you drink it but the potency will be reminded when you burp. There are some differences in Sampal served since past few decades but the soul is same.
Branch is also operating near Chaitanya Health Club (near MIT), Paud Road.

Three Misals, Kokam Sharbat, Kaju Vadis… exactly Rs 200… taste of the Peth… Simply good enough… time after time every time.