A concept food joint serving average taste Rice and Noodles in select global gravy preparations using plastic containers. Yes! they do Momos as well…

If someone is ordering at the counter and other is waiting for meal the next one has to practically wait at the doorstep. Good and helpful attitude at the ordering cum cash counter in case you need some details or clarification or help in ordering. Few low height stools to sit and wait for the meal. A few planks towards the wall side to help keeping food while you stand and eat in a place with ventilation issue. There is very little scope to have your meal outside (no seating outside). Parking! Ah! Search and park if you can (road construction work in progress).

It was no very late in the evening this Sunday when we walked-in. There were only 3 customers and orders were continuing over the phone. Rajma Oryzza was sold out. Thought of ordering Thai preparation but dropped the idea because it was green which I don’t like.

Finally settled with Burmese Oryzza (Veg); others in the family had fixed agenda and they went ahead with Momo Regular Pack (Veg) and 2 Chinese Noodles (Veg).

Burmese Rice (Brown to be specific which was a free upgrade from White) @ Rs 150 served hot with lots of corns, carrots and beans in wet light colored coconut curry; mildly spicy; no complaints.

Momo (Veg) @ Rs 70 served with Schezwan sauce and other tangy sauce; 6 pieces were warm, the filling was decent and taste was great.

Chinese Noodles (Veg) @ Rs 100 had overpowering flavor and fragrance of burnt garlic; served in mildly spicy Manchurian gravy; nice.

Total 440 (No taxes… Wow).

Worth mentioning

It will be worth taking away the stuff and eat conveniently at home or car else you will end up eating it standing on the sidewalk (the way I did) or inside the cramped outlet.

Rates were not proportionate with portion sizes (refer pic). One portion is too less but two will be on higher side.

Finally… Average dining experience.