Conventional-Conservative-Consistent rustic bakery; one of the Banyan trees on Apte Road…

They use wood fired oven which adds up smoky touch and flavor in whatever you eat.

Left hand side of the menu remained the same since years only the right hand side has been changing (in white chalk).

Doors open early in the morning (Seven’ish) with piping hot Puffs, warm breads, fresh cream rolls and much more on the offer. Other available items are biscuits of different types, cuppy cakes, KHARI, Pav and toast etc.

No matter which time of the day it is; the place is always bustling with patrons. Majority of the items available are very fast moving and freshness is certain. If you are not well in time ready to hear “Sample” means “Over”.

Don’t forget… this is an old Pune establishment and closes for “siesta”.





Bit relaxed hygiene levels and accept the eatables on piece of newspaper (I don’t have any issue) unless you ask for parcel in little higher quantity so that you will get a paper bag.

Good enough place to enjoy common bakery products.