Highly overloaded, overcrowded place where staff is unable to keep up to need of customers (especially on weekends)!
No point in reviewing McDonald’s because no matter wherever you go, it is same but there is a difference and that is the location.

Location of this outlet is such that there is always issue of parking. “Drive though” is also not very easy and vehicle drivers from both sides stare as well as honk at you when you try to cut diagonally across the narrow road to take the ramp.

Looking at the condition of the outlet from the road outside, I told “Kiddo” to skip with a promise to visit on a weekday but she was adamant for dining-in right there right now.

Well, I gave up and decided to park. After taking 2 rounds which were failed attempts to park in the vicinity and waiting about 5-10 minutes on the road side, I could locate small parking space and parked.

All tables inside as well as outside were occupied. The first priority was to get a table and after “breathing on the shoulders” of a romantic couple occupying a corner “table for two”, we got the place to sit.

Next was the food, it was about 8:30 PM. There were 4 counters working and every counter has a queue of 5-6 customers each also 2-3 were waiting on the side of every counter for the meal.

I asked for menu if possible and the board above the cash counter was pointed. I said, I want a paper one and I was pointed towards the pillar in the middle of the hall where it was tucked on a holder.




She went ahead with Aloo Patty happy meal and I went for Masala Grill Veg Meal.

It took almost 7 minutes to order and another 6 minutes to get the stuff and we had it. Well, I am not a fan of McDonald stuff but let me tell you Masala Grill was juicy and absolutely Indianized stuff full of spices, onion, tomato etc and I loved it.

Next, she wanted to have a Swirl with Chocolate dip and I was forced to stand in the queue again. It took me again 7 minutes to order and another 10 to get the stuff. By this time “Kiddo” became restless and came to be to check the status and the seat was gone. This round we had standing near the door.

I think this place needs a larger, better and bigger infrastructure with more staff to cater for the need of patrons.