“Good for food” but slightly overpriced Resto for “fluids”!!!

Sunday evening; thought of visiting Hoppipola recently reviewed by “Ruchi@zomato” but looking at the crowd… did not dare to enter and returned. Nearest next pending place was “Regalia”; reviewed and recommended by “Aniket”/“SRC”@zomato and decided to visit.

Not very crowded, neat and clean place, big hall, decently spaced seating arrangement, wooden furniture, bit yellow illumination with live solo performance by a vocalist with guitar, popular pop/Bollywood numbers… two words… “nice ambiance”.

Menu on Tab as well as paper with wide band Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental and ”partial Italian” cuisine. Spirits, though limited but good enough.

Very polite and helpful staff and nice service.




Went ahead with fluids and main course…

Roast Chicken Chili… tender chicken chunks with capsicum and green chili with finely chopped garlic tossed in soya… nice @ Rs 320.

Veg Thai Curry… Fabulous preparation in yellow-orange base with clear and prominent flavors of lemongrass and Thai basil, mildness of coconut, colorful contrast vegetables… perfect @Rs 275

Veg Thai Fried Rice… I usually prefer to go for steamed rice with Thai curry but went with the suggestion from staff and ordered VTFR. Rice in red base with lots of herbs and spices… delicious @ Rs 300

Alcoholic beverages ++

Worth mentioning…

I could not go to the lounge because there was a party in progress.

Asked for chopsticks and yes were given, great!

Fluid bill was slightly higher with respect to Food bill (but we did not take that much fluid)… clear indications that fluid cost was little higher.

Yes! You need to pay for the Sprite @ Rs 55 which you consume with Vodka! Bottled water @ Rs 50!

Very nice selection of numbers by the live solo performer on the guitar and vocal, great!

Staff is closely monitored by restaurant management (always on the round!!!)

Total Rs 1815 (Tax Rs 115)

Finally… worth revisiting for the food… “good enough”.