Had buffet dinner with group yesterday and as per earlier input from management, noticed some additions in the Menu.

The restaurant was nearly full and felt that there is shortage of Staff because got lesser attention compared to earlier visits.

Starters… A fish recipe…oriental style with squash and zucchini; It was tender and soft but I like scrip… can’t help my fault. There was Murg Joshila slightly overcooked served with onion rings and slice of lemon. There was another chicken preparation failed to notice the name and taste. Then there was crispy lotus stem in bit sweet and spicy preparation garnished with sesame seeds (excellent). There were small TIKKIS of chickpeas (bit harder).

Some different glorified salads and other preparations or shall I say something between starters and main course. I tried… Char grilled vegetable salad, Spicy guava salad, steamed vegetables with pickled onions, Nachos with Salsa, Spicy Corn and Green pea salad. Overall nice preparations but not all of them could tickle taste buds though some could.


Requested the chef on past bar to prepare small dry portion in olive oil, garlic, chili and some vegetables. Forgot to ask for some parmesan cheese on the top but got it added later. The veggies added were corn, bell peppers, zucchini and squash (would have asked not to add corn). The preparation was bit higher on oil but taste was nice.

There were some usual and interesting wet/gravy items on main course… Chicken, mutton, fish and spinach etc). Asked to KADAK Roti (read… preferably nearly charred).


And finally the Desserts… Excellent preparations ranging from mild sweetness to higher side. Pumpkin Halwa, Ras Malai, Homemade butter scotch ice-cream, mango moose, chocolate walnut, blue berry cake++

Overall fine dining experience again.