Well; my first encounter or exposure with kerla coastal cuisine dates back to 1997 at pallakad or palghat which was very different and it took some time for me to get use to it… especially coconut oil … in subsequent visits; Curry Leaves is with a difference coz they use Sunflower oil.
First, they are located on Baner Pashan link road and not Baner. Second, menu is different which is attached in picture.
It is only possible to sit outside!!! experience yourself.
We kept it simple and went for
Apams Rs 15, tender and warm.
Veg Stew Rs 100, beans carrots cauliflower in coconut milk bit blend and expected it to be bit spicy with black pepper and cloves also slightly thicker. Never mind.
Parottas Rs 15, multi layered white floor (maida) bread. Tender and flaky.
Meen porichathu pomfret Rs 220, tangy spicy dry small full fish preparation wrapped in banana leaf, great.
Meen porichathu surmai Rs 180, a slice, with prep same as above.
Neychoru or ghee rice Rs 60 , small portion, thick kerla rice with ghee. Tasty.
Total cost Rs 650 tax Rs 72 inclusive (not bad at all)
Two issues; less effective exhaust making it difficult to sit inside, even entering. No wash basin and you have to use the common place of the market.
Finally… ultimate authentic place for kerla cuisine in western pune at decent cost.