I happened to visit for corporate lunch at Feast-Spree today. It is a decent place in the industrial belt.
Decent ambiance but the dining place is bit cluttered.
It was a buffet and tried tasting nearly all items on menu.
Cream of mushroom (decently thin); Chicken burnet garlic soups (think and overdose of corn starch).
Salads. Green salad- fresh and crisp. Russian salad- nice. Beetroot salad- tender
Pasta Alfredo- Farfalle pasta in bit dry red and non-spicy sauce.
Cauliflower Morani- boiled cauliflower in white cream base.
Roasted garlic potato- boiled potatoes tossed with garlic and chili flakes.
Mix Veg in Garlic Soya sauce- Carrots, baby corns, mushrooms in non-spicy thin sauce.
American Chop Suey- Bit dry and noodles were soggy.
Panjabi bhindi- fried okra in mildly spicy brown gravy topped with butter/cream
Aloo Jeera Lehsuni- Boiled potatoes tossed in over fried cumin seeds and garlic flakes.
Baigan Vepra- Baby eggplants stuffed with tangy, spicy coconut filling.
Panir Kolhapuri- Cottage cheese in red spicy not so thick gravy.
Fried Fish in black bean sauce- tender, boneless fish chunks in blend black bean sauce.
Chicken in red thin gravy.
Kadhi- Tangy (not sweet), thick, topped with whole red chilly, curry leaves and mustard seed fry.
Hari Mung Daal- Green lentil seeds boiled and topped with fired in spicy Garam masala and mixed spices. Best of the lot.
Roti and Steamed Rice.
Gulab jamun- piping hot.
Strawberry ice cream- very hard.
Mal Pua- Pancakes soaked in sugar syrup with flavor of cinnamon were the show stopper.
Found the staff helping. Decent preparations as well as taste not exceptional. Can be tried.