Went to KFC Baner while driving back from factory late night today. Bit spacious hall but too noisy (no background score to mask public noise) and the place was bustling with crowd even at 10 PM .

Typical KFC ambiance… full of reds.

Asked for Potato crisper Rs 25; chicken snacker Rs 39; veg ginger strips Rs 79.
Saw some new meal options too.

Service was slow and i needed to wait for 10-15 minuets.

Chicken snacker was a boneless patty in usual kfc cover / coting with red onion, lettuce and sauces.
Veg strips contained potato, peas, corn, chilly; coated with same kfc cover / coating.

Only one complaint about the taste… the bitterness towards the end when you are about to finish chewing a bite. I am not very sure and may be a roblem with me. I will be interested if someone can cross verify.

Total cost Rs 168 out of which tax was Rs 25.

Finally… low cost, hygienic, quick meal option (cut and run)