Four of us went for lunch to Laibhari today noon. Very basic place without any geat ambiance but clean (if you want to void flys sit in the hall).

Decent menu wiht a-la-karte as well as thali; serving veg and non veg itemes.

Three of us focused on thali only because it was quick but one opted for veg.

Non veg thali has chicken or mutton preparations in three styles i.e. sukha, fry and rassa.

Fry is in thick red greavy of onion garlic paste; sukha is bit dry in coconut base again in red.

Along with one serving of chicken/mutton thali also comes with unlimited tambda rassa and pandhara rassa.
Tambda rassa is spicy hot mutton broth with flavour of bay leaves and star anise. While the pandhara is in coconut base and lesser spicy.
chapatis served piping hot; soft and bajri bhakharis are warm, thin and soft.

Egg half in oily red gravy along with onion rings mixed with curd/cream (Not rayta) and one portion of pulao (close to masala rice); it was decent spicy hot lunch.

Chicken sukha thali Rs 200; veg kolhapuri Rs 120; pulav half Rs 40; Chapati Rs 15; cold drink Rs 25.

Finally…nice taste; high on oil; close to kolhapuri but slightly different preparation. Perfect recipe for congestions of nose.