No doubts about the ambiance, service, taste and quality of food but this one is an expensive place which has become further dearer in past few years; only for little deep pockets!

Another Panchshil owned properties where my earlier Briton boss prefers to stay. Usually we have a get-together may be once or twice in a year (while he is around).

Though there are other much superior places in the vicinity but it was a suggestion and six of us assembled for dinner early evening. The place was almost empty this time.

Good ambiance with low illumination, polished staff (addressed by their first names) and the real Chefs for responding to your needs.

This place offers excellent barbecue dinner by pool side on Sundays but unfortunately it was not hence I made a suggestion to go for buffet but it was turned down and “A La Carte” was the way forwards. Menu is totally oriented towards foreign nationals visiting India and has select famous preparations from around the world.

A few beers (in pre-cooled beer glasses) with complementary peanuts and potato wafers, chicken tikka (out of the menu, on request) was tender and perfectly done, veg popcorn were close to tiny veg khima pakodas and tasty, stuffed wild mushrooms were great, mix crunchy vegetables veg with gravy (again out of the menu, on request) was sweet sour and tasteful, rotis, yellow dal tadka, jeera rice all decent.

Light discussion as well as updates with little humor on various topics.

I will say… good enough.