Kiddo wanted to have pizza but not usual place and we decided to go to PH Aundh.
Parking; the first hurdle; and we got it after some waiting. Felt like winning a battle. What a crowded junction.
It was early evening and it was nearly full but both of us got the table at the door (what a place!!!).
Getting menu and ordering was quick but then it was long wait with ever increasing hunger due to fragrance of cheese and oregano.
Gaelic bread with cheese Rs 119, potato wedges Rs 149, personal pan margherita Rs 120, ebony n ivory Rs 159.
Tax paid Rs 83 out of Rs 602.

Usual PH stuff with consistent taste. Averag ambiance.
Breds were warm were the potato wedges.
Pizza was with generous topping of cheese.
Ebony n ivory was nice.

Overall average dining experience.