Kiddo was 3 and “Death by Chocolate” was her favorites, whenever we use to drive pass Polka Dots, she used to ask for same. Many a times we use to take other longer rout just to avoid this place. Well, she is 8 and now smart enough not to ask it every time but today she did and there was no other option but to visit.

Waiting time of 20 minutes at 9:00 PM of Saturday.
Decent ambiance with low illumination.

It was usual Tomato Basil Broth Rs 135 served with complimentary bread pieces. Pale orange thin broth with mellow flavor and taste of fresh basil leaves. Excellent!
Veg Lasagna Rs 250, tossed mushrooms, zucchini and other tender vegetable; topped with fresh pasta sheets; covered under generous topping of red gravy and mozzarella cheese. Tasty!
Death By Chocolate Rs 150, 5 layered pastry served with a shallow pool of chocolate sauce (not molten chocolate). With upper layer of chocolate, second layer similar to brownie, white crispy egg based third layer, next one bit harder and fifth hard base. Though the preparation has evolved and changed during years it is still worth tasting.
Makke ki Roti Rs 70 with Sarson Ka Sag Rs 225 as parcel; we were done.

Total Rs 1024 (tax Rs 114 which is too much).

There are a few things at the restaurant which not changed since many years… black board with chalk writing on flavors of the season or specials as well as mosquito coils.

Plus… Taste and quality
Minus… Price and no alcohol
Finally… small little place having limited menu but with flavor full food, packed with a punch of taste, consistent since years.