A landmark on MG road, existing since loong time and a casual interaction with one of the staff members indicate that he is serving here since a few decades.
Earlier the operations were from the grond floor now moved upstairs.
As you climb up the staircase in to lobby the looks will remind you old British times. With tightly packed tables in the lobby as well as two small hall on both sides of service counter, the place is always hustling- bustling with young student crowd, families with young as well as old kids. Menu on the board above counter (also kept on right window besides FF enrty door) has long list
Sandwiches both white and brown
Burgers both white and brown
Thick shakes
Ice cream scoops
Shakes with ice cream
hot and cold beverages
Bakery items… biscuits
Pasta ++

Self service.
Typical taste (always towards sweeter side)

I will suggest Bean Burger, cheese Burger, chicken roll, chutney sandwich, thick shake, cold coffee.
Some preparations are sugar free (ask)

Plus… value for money
Minus… sweetness in everything
Finally… must visit