Nice coffee at premium rates with great ambiance.

Nice thing about Arebica is low caffeine which makes is less bitter if you compare it with Robusta or similar and if it is mild roast; it makes it bit flavorful also somewhat acidic in nature (if you compare with dark roast).

Starbucks typically use Arebica; though I am not a coffee buff but I don’t mind having it occasionally.

Aundh outlet is nice and spacious with friendly staff. Some of the senior staff members can talk about coffee but only what might had been taught during training.

House Blend is one which Starbucks started with in India (I think so) and now they have many blends including one or two Indian. A few decent blends are Veranda, House Blend, Kenya, Espresso, Sumatra etc.



I had House Blend fresh brew small (milk separate). Perfect acidity to cause watery mouth, flavorful, smooth and less bitter. Most importantly… no palpitations even having it late night in case you have issues with caffeine content.

Worth mentioning…
Limited spectrum of hot and cold coffee as well as tea and refreshers; pastries and bread based snacks.

Claim to have free wi-fi. Tried to connect but did not receive SMS as claimed on the login page. Also, did not bother to contact to the staff as suggested.

At about Rs 112 (Rs 17 Tax)… Good enough.