At Chapekar Chowk, it is one of the busiest outlets serving Maharashtrian Snacks with “a touch of Sadashiv Peth”.
It operates in the morning followed by noon siesta and then later opens again in the evening since many years.
You will find patrons of all profiles eating together (i.e. workers to executives as well as car to PMPML users)

Park if you can, No frills, very basic infra, practically… no place to sit.

Pohe, Upma, Shira, Idli Chatni, Dhokla, Tea, Coffee, Milk etc in the morning with one special preparation like Misal, Idali Sambhar, Sabudana Khichadi fixed to a day of the week.

Batata Vada, Mung Bhajji, Dhabeli, Tea and coffee in the evening with one/two special preparations like Samosa, Udid Vada etc fixed to a day of the week.

Rates ranges from Rs 10 (Vada Pav) to Rs 40 (Misal Pav). Tea Rs 8 and Coffee Rs 20.

One can see what if been cooked because kitchen is open.
Different style and flavor of Chutney.
Everything you eat has a touch of sweetness.

Missal Pav is different in taste and must try (Typically available on Wednesday and Sunday) but you have to accept Pav being served on a piece of newspaper.
Samosa is also good but only served in the evening on specific days.
Adu vadi and Gajar Halwa also above par.

Bottled drinking water recommended. You may find some hygiene issues only if you are one of the USA types.

Finally… Taste is above average. Cost is slightly on higher side. Quick service unless you want something right from the wok, ….Just cut and run.