This outlet was among the trailing one in Natural chain which opened in the vicinity (Baner/Pashan)… Oh dear… oh dear; so far so near.

Not same as Hinjvadi franchisee but superior with respect to one at Aundh; at least this one has some place to sit and enjoy your ice cream. Only negative point is adjacent Wine Shop and the movement of different types.

Parking is an issue during day time but no issues during late night hours which is out favorite time to visit.

Importantly this place never has issue of waffle cone availability which I have faced many a times in the past at Hinjvadi outlet. Also, here, the stock is always also up to date.

Very friendly staff and they are interested to retain the customers (as I felt during my past visits).




Today it was Kaju-Kishmish which was full of resins (my luck).