First visit was about 8-9 years ago when they were located a street or two further in a small place with a few seats in air conditioned room and a few outside (open air).
Only dinner experiance. Current property is much bigger and spacious. Big A/C hall with well spaced seating and on sale paintings on the walls; tables just outside and some on the back near kitchen/bar (mist cooled in summers).
Assistance for parking. It is better to first call and book and visit though on some busy weekends the staff suggests to walk in.
Lengthy menu having variety of soups, starters, main and desserts from far east and south east Asia. Some are original, some inspired and some with a twist… details are on menu… if in doubt, dont hesitate to ask friendly staff because you are not alone.
Derailed bar with good collection of wines.
What i like in the preparations is the taste of fresh/ green/wet spices.
Tom yum phad i like the most and must try. Never imagined pumpkin can be so delicious (crisp pumpkin strips). Tempuras served with candles in hollow tomato. Crispy okra, curry captain, roti kanhai, roti jhala, basil rice, thai green/red curry +++++
Beware of taking a bite on kimchi.
If you have got kids along… not a problem female staff try to keep them busy with drawing material.
Service is great with a smile.
Nice taste and some preparations are very close to street food of south east Asia.

Plus… ambiance, taste and quality
Minus… ummmm
Finally… great place to tickle your taste buds