We visited today (1 Jan) noon for lunch and to meet old Mumbai friends and were apprehensive above many practical issues but it was a pleasant surprise.
Nice big property with village theme, contemporary food menu and ample parking. It was not very crowded at 1:00 PM but it became very crowded by 3:00 PM.
Group opted for Indian menu and ordered 3 course meals.
Harabhara kabab- Nicely done and tasty; Panir tikka- Soft and tender; Chicken tikka- Exceptionally tender; Butter roti and Nan- Warm and soft; Yellow Dal Fry- bit higher of fat but tasty; Chicken handi boneless- Chicken was bit hard but taste was good; Mix Veg- chunky and tasted nice; Panir Makhani- did not taste; Rabdi- low on sweetness but thick; Jalebi- Crisp and warm. Also; a few pints of mild beer as well as fresh lime soda.
Lots for outdoor playing equipment for kids (read keep busy). Swings, merry go round, rope climbers, See-Saw and Slide were in excellent condition and clean(free). Horse camel rides (cost), bird cages+++
Clean and odor free washrooms.
Plus… Food taste and cost (impressive)
Minus… pathetic service (else rating would have been 4), freely roaming turkey showing interest on food kept on table was a nuisance
Finally… nice place for getting together with family and friends