I got a chance to visit Mainland China, Pimpri on Friday for lunch. The place is located at 2nd floor and the complex having some construction in progress. Basement parking @ Rs 20 (for what), entry is towards rear side of building and way to parking has two sharp and blind turns. The way up is tricky and vehicle stalling on sharp gradient is likely (novice drivers beware about smoking clutch).
Place is relatively spacious with standard MLC ambiance.

Opted for Weekday non veg buffet






Chicken hakka soup- black sauce base (soya), with small chunks of chicken, somewhat tangy and warm (chilly). Only problem for me; it was thick with overdose of corn starch.
Chicken dumplings- very tender, steamed with stuffing of shredded chicken served with oil based green dressing/sauce. Very nice.
Chicken with bone Pakora (Hakka style)- Coated with batter, deep fried and wok tossed with medium spicy sauce. Tasted very close to Mangoda/Moong bhajji. It was difficult to judge when the bone will be bitten. Warm but average taste.
Crispy fried potato in honey chilly base- finger shaped, average taste.
Deep dried veg wantons- shredded fibrous vegetables stuffed in wanton, deep fried, crispy and tasty.
Veg salad- The tray was empty and highlighted to the staff, later served on table after 10 minutes. Chunks of cucumbers, bell peppers, sweet corns and garlic flacks. Nice.
Kimchi- cabbage in spicy sauce as well as pickled carrots and cucumbers
Tsing hoi chicken- Chicken chunks in brown-red sauce, chilly flacks and basil leaves(!). Tasted nice but again the gravy was higher in consistency.
Fish in chilly mustered sauce- tender boneless fish pieces in yellow relatively dry base. Tasty but over salted.
Chicken fried rice- low on oil, small chicken cubes and egg. Decent.
Chicken hakka noodles- The dispenser was empty and highlighted to the staff. Oily, carrot and capsicum julienne and chicken, Average.
Brownie- with sparing sprinkle of white sugar power, brittle. Fine.
Fried wanton in honey- Nice and warm.
Pastry- 4 layers, tender, with small piece of apple on the top. Nice
Whipped cream mousse- with small candy made of caramelized sugar and sesame seeds. Very nice.

Total Rs 499 (base Rs 425, taxes Rs 74)

First asked for chopsticks then asked for chopsticks rest. While having lunch; casually discussed with staff regarding why all the gravies are thick (higher on corn starch) ! I was told that “Sir, we are Chinese restaurant” and that was end of the discussion from my side. Asked for water towards end of lunch because the glass was empty. (Staff training and awareness!!!).

Buffet lunch is good for “cheap thrills at upmarket place” but I would still recommend “a la carte” at MLC.