This place exists here since long long time and I have had dinner here a few times in the past. I had very late night dinner at Malwani Gazali. It was 11:15 PM and there were only two patrons. I wanted to have quick meal hence asked for Thali.

Typically would have opted for a fish thali but I wanted to have something different yet not to deviate from Maharashtrian cuisine hence opted for Kolhapuri mutton thali.


Bhakhari- made from rice flour, thin, light and nice.

Mutton fry- Dry preparation in red-brown base with lots of oil but lesser spices, tender and nice.

Egg Masala- Best preparation of thali in semi thick red-orange gravy. Very tasty.

Pandhara Rassa- Thin coconut broth, piping hot, best in Pune.

Tambada Rassa- Thin spicy red-brown broth with lesser oil, piping hot. Nice.

Steamed rice- small portion, warm and tender.

Onion slices and lemon.

Thali Rs 269, PDW Rs 25 Service Charges Rs 6

Decent, tasteful dinner experience.