Before I moved to Pune two decades ago, I heard about this place from my dad as well as a few of his friends who were alumni of Ferguson College.

I think this was one of the first restaurants when 25 days old kiddo came out from home with us for an outing nearly a decade ago. While growing up, many a times she forgot her usual props (a Belgian cat or a Bunny Rabbit) at Vaishali but staff promptly handed it over during our next visits. Amazing!!! How they remember people among thousands visiting daily.

“Vaishali” which is full of hustle and bustle during entire day; in early morning, it is very a different place all together with a calm and laid back atmosphere; no one is breathing on your neck to vacate the table!!!

For a few; it is part of daily routine. If you visit early morning slot (Half pass seven to Eight) regularly, you will notice same regulars occupying same tables, chitchatting and having same breakfast @ Sheetal. I know some of them as “Pune who is who!”

Popular during morning are Upma, Idli, Vada, Dosa, Sandwiches, Tea and Filter Coffee.



Typical Vaishali Sambhar with a touch of sweetness which is more orange in color, specific taste and fragrance having gourd, beans and cauliflower (I bet you will not find these all items together in Sambhar anywhere else). Bit finer coconut chutney compared to “the neighbors”.

Bit “Kadak” Chai and after a few visits the waiter knows whether you need to be served in a cup or in the glass.
Times have changed as well as many things in-around Pune but the Vaishali has remained the same and the consistency is the key factor… truly; a part of Pune Culture!!!