Trend setter of mid 90s in Camp area with fluid, north Indian food, DJ and dance floor; still going strong but I am not sure about the dance part though!!!

Many good memories associated with this place during late 90s. Property is still in more or less same shape the way it was; only few changes though.

“Walked in” early evening and the occupancy was about 50%; still I was asked to wait while they can accommodate me somewhere outside and we got a table to sit in 10 minutes under open sky.

Well baffled surroundings using structure and plants, Low illumination and decent furniture. Inside the halls; bar with a few high chairs, multiple seating options to make you comfortable in the way you want to; overall… nice ambiance!!!

Now F&B

Bottled water @ Rs 70 (that is too much)

A few beers… yes; they serve draught and pints as well as big bottles.

Fresh lime soda (salted)… with lemon slice. Nice.

Masala Papad… crunchy chopped tomatoes and onions of fried Papadams, low on salt; nice.

Cheese Shotz… cheese balls coated with crispy bread crumbs, deep fried. Served with a thick cheesy dip which had some type of South Indian masala and green chili strains (sounds weird but it was flavorful).

Stuffed Nan/Kulcha… Thick bread with lots of stuffing, Maida and not flour, low on fat high on taste.

Rotis… wheat flour and not Maida; were warm and nice.

Subzi Kadhai (suggested by staff)… crunchy, assorted, multicolored vegetables in thick, brown, mildly spicy gravy… Decent.

Chicken Biryani… Served in a pot with dough cover; bit dry (unfortunately not served with usual gravy) but flavorful and tasty. Chicken was tender and nice. Yet @ 400 I thought it was overpriced.

Pre-cooled beer glasses, warm plates, proper cutlery, nice staff; bit slow but decent service.

Worth mentioning…

The mix pickle they serve is authentic Dilli/Chandigarh type. Just great!

Mosquitoes menace in evening time (if you opt to sit outside). Coil is provided “on request”.

Thankfully; now they have placed pictorial signs on washroom doors else I remembered first visit long-long ago when “a rustic” waited for a while reading “Fillies” and “Colts” till someone walked out from “Fillies” and he took the “Colts” way 😀

Finally… Rs 1900 for two and half; good enough.