Not very long ago; next restaurant beyond hotel Mahabaleshwar was Sadanand Resort and there was nearly nothing in between and now there are at least a few dozen of them. Post91 has come up on the roof top (9th floor of one of the high rises towards end of baner road (NH4 side).
Went yesterday; solo dinner; @9:30 pm. Entry is towards right side. No issues of parking. Elevator takes you to floor 9 and the door opens near front desk. Small sports bar/lounge on the right. Covered dining area in front which is surrounded by open air seating with semi open bar in between connecting both. Nice ambiance.
Vast menu to choose from oriental, Italian, pan-Indian preparations. Buffet s also available.
Decided to sit at bar counter and to have a beer or two out of common Indian and international brands.
Asked if food can be served on the counter and the response was affirmative. But the moment I asked for the Sizzler, request was made to move toward open air seating area. I opted for table near side wall. It was windy and cold. Very nice view of surrounding area and skyline.Caution- draft of gutter gas from invisible pipe spoils the ambiance.
Cowboy Steak Sizzler I asked for; with a request: potatoes-meshed and not fried, sauce- barbeque with a dash of chilly. It took a while to get the food on the table. The pan grilled steak was “tough” one and it took a test my cutlery handling skills as well as tested the strength of jaw muscles. Vegis as well as hurb rice were nice. The sauce was decent.
When I wanted repeat of beer pint, I was told sold out and requested to have different one of same brqnd but 30 minutes ago I saw one shelf full in fridge at bar (I was sitting there). I stuck to my requirements and got it (Strange/funny/suspicious).

Sizzler Rs 400

Total Rs 836 (Tax Rs 76)

Above average oveall experience.