Well it was a visit to MMK yesterday evening after really a long time. Though we were very regular when they started a few years ago and the reason was unavailability of the Bar.

Close Dilli type food and preparations though some have inspiration and different touch.

Menu given here is old and needs update.

Place reminds me typical Mumbai restaurant… closely packed seating arrangement.

Unlimited kabab festival in progress wherein one can have unlimited select range of kababs on the menu for a cost approx Rs 350.
What about main course; well, order and pay separate.

Four of us including kiddo ordered for
Murg tandoori full
Veg seek Kabab
Veg makhani
Pindi chole
Butter nan
Jira rice

Tandoori chicken was nicely done it was not red but bit brown-orange indicating less or no usage of color, spicy marinade. The flash was tender.
Veg seek kababs were made up of minced vegs very similar to mutton seek kabab but mellowed. Nice crisp outside but mellow like cream inside.
Pindi chole were bit dry, nicely done, spicy but not hot; tasted great.
Veg makahni was bit sweet and light orange indicating no usage of color.
Butter nan were soft tender and thin.
Jira rice portion was bit smaller.

Kiddo asked for fresh lime soda and left half finished.

plus… nice taste
minus… cramped, no bar