Wood fired pizzas have very nice and different taste as well as feel when compared to their electrical or gas oven cousins. What I like the most is little smoky feel.

Noticed this outlet a few times in the past and finally went this Saturday late evening. Since it was Saturday late evening and nearly no traffic on the road parked at will on roadside and went upstairs but noticed name Hollywood Pizza.

Very basic and simple furniture, no décor and felt like a canteen. Small menu and limited range.

We ordered and were told that it will take 15 minutes to serve. Yes, I got your point that getting the crust takes time.





Garlick bread with cheese Rs 78, served piping hot, with moderate topping of mozzarella, less garlic, average in taste.

Spicy garlic bread with cheese Rs 84, served piping hot, the only addition noticed was green chilly toping.

Margarita Pizza (S) Rs 73, moderate cheese topping, crispy thin crust, average taste.

Chicken Tikka Pizza (S) Rs 202, with moderate cheese toping, a few chicken pieces, overpowering flavor of chaat masala can be called chicken chat masala pizza. Did not like it much.

Brikks Fiesta Pizza (S) Rs 202, with moderate cheese topping, slightly sweet and tangy, pineapple chunks bet tender, small pieces of sun dried tomatoes, a few pieces of black olives, mushrooms and mayonnaise. It was the real show stopper and recommended.

Staff was polite.

Pizzas were served in cardboard box and the interior surface and quality was below par.

Noticed gas flames inside the brick oven and could not resist asking the reason. I was told that backing the corners properly it is required.

While paying the bill having casual chat with the owner Mr Mehera who was on the “cash” got to know that the outlet has changed hands in recent past. They plan to start Italian food soon. Now the place is known as Hollywood Pizza.

Average experience.