Noticed this new place on NH4 by-pass service road the other day and decided to try today in the evening.
Other than staff, there was no one except two of us.

Big courtyard, open sky, low illumination, bar on one end, decently spaced wooden-iron combination furniture, a few trees, Caribbean inspired numbers being played in background… excellent ambiance.

Indian, Italian, Caribbean cuisine serving veg non-veg.

Tomato soup Rs 90, tangy and decent preparation but not exceptional.

Beer battered fish fingers Rs 260, 8 pieces of Surmai fingers covered with crisp batter, deep fired and served with French fires along with ketchup and tarter dip. Decent but not excellent.

Cheese garlic naan Rs 45, tender, not very much soaked in fat, generous cheese cover and chopped garlic, very good.

Lasagne Florentine Rs 250, mozzarella, white sauce and butter covered tender pasta sheets covering tossed mushrooms, tomato, corn etc, tasted excellent (must try)

Chocolate mousse Rs 100, nice consistency with apt balance of sugar and chocolate, soft and tasty.

A few pints.

Total Rs 1050, no tax.

Portions were medium/small. Slow service. Handmade bill. Staff in learning phase. Bar is not fully functional yet.

Plus… ambiance and taste
Minus… bit overprices
Finally… Worth visiting