TJ’s Brue Works was on the list since long and yesterday we got a chance to visit late in the evening. We were apprehensive about the crowd hence opted for visiting a bit late. No one was available at welcome desk outside restaurant except security and asked for some help before we could enter. We were informed that it is only A La Carte and we were in.
Got a comfortable table; towards the side just right side of entry. It was bit loud and the DJ was playing Rock. The menu and ordering system was via Ipad though assistance was available. Fifteen to twenty items in all categories (except brew) included veg and non-veg appetizers, main course, deserts and non-alcoholic beverages.
Ordered Pale Gail Ale 500 ml Rs 340; Fresh Lime Soda Salted Rs 40 and two bottles of water Rs 55 each.
Ale was nearly a blond with body; I could smell dry-old coconut in the brew. Not comparable with fresh local brews available in UK but a good attempt I must say.
Appetizers ordered were Nacho chips with Salsa Rs 300 and Cheese Croquttes Rs 330. Nacho-Salsa had chips in two flavors and salsa with two-three slices of jalapenos tasted nice. Cheese Croquttes were not crisp from outside and bit soggy, served with dip similar to Samurai sauce typically available in European continent.
For main course, we ordered combos Chicken Nizami with Paratha Rs 350 (Special request to make it spicy) and Nizami Mushroom + Pepper with Paratha Rs 280, Veg Thai Red curry with Rice Rs 330. Chicken was in brown base thick gravy. Parathas were multilayered and soft. Combo tasted excellent and must go for. Nizami mushrooms were also in brown gravy, tender and tasty. Thai Red curry was towards bit red side tasted nice with rice.
Total tax paid including 4.94% service tax, 5% service charge, 5 to 20% Vat; total tax paid was Rs 460 on total bill amount Rs 2540.
Finally nice food taste and quality but I reserve the input for brew and can only be provided after tasting all brews available.