New additions in menu with wholesome wraps, combo meals and a few more main course preparations… good attempt to re-generate customer interest and pull.

One of the trusted places for quality North Indian food home delivery at affordable rates but in recent past I heard about a few friends complaining about the degradation in quality.

A few good things about Dum A Dum are that they serve single and double portions which definitely help frugal eaters also couples as well as individuals who are careful about not wasting the food. This also lets you enjoy more verity with same amount spent. There are usually offers available for complementary items if bill crosses certain amount.

Rakesh informed about restart of Tandoori breads at Pashan outlet which they discontinued a while ago. I also got the information that there are additions in the Menu hence tried it.

Fresh additions which are worth mentioning
Available at day time-
Grilled Wrap in Veg and Non Veg with stuffing ranging from Kababs, Paneer, Chicken and Egg at price Rs 35 to Rs 99 there is an exception called Bakasura Wrap (I will try in future).
Combo Meals which are basically Veg and Chicken Curry-rice Biryani combinations. You can upgrade and add Kababs by paying Rs 40-50 extra.
Availability all day-
Chicken Wings Kabab, Chicken Lahori Kheem Kabab, Palak Cheese Kurkure, Barwan Mushrooms, Paneer Bhurji, Chicken Khima Mutter, Chicken liver chili.







Tried following
Reshami Kabab- Tender, non-spicy, well done with miser touch of cream. Nice.

Garlic Roti- Wheat dough, lots of garlic sprinkled on top, soft and well done. Nice.

Egg Masala (Double)- Brown base thick gravy medium spicy but towards sweeter side. 3 full eggs chopped in halves. Decent.

Mutton Rogan Josh (Single)- Red base thin gravy, very spicy and hot (chilies), mutton was hard, tasted fantastic with leftover plain rice.

Veg Biryani Combo- Served in a “use n throw” plate with a lid. One portion of Veg Biryani, two Gulab Jamuns (very small size ), Rayta and onion slices. Biryani was wet and flavor full, very good and deep taste.

Veg Manchurian (Complementary coz bill was above Rs 399)- About 6 pieces done is Soya Sauce, with lots of garlic. Nice dry preparation.

Tasty food without added colors, preservatives and DALDA at decent rates delivered on your door step…. good enough.