“Place appears to be started for truck drivers; later became popular due to taste, cost and cuisine”.

Located at transporter dominated portion of Nigdi at stone throw distance from “Bhakti Shakti”; the area is famous for drunkards as well as notorious elements and even locals think twice before visiting at night time…

The restaurant is two storied establishment; lower level is non-AC and house-fly full; the upper level is congested and you are charged 8% for AC of your food bill. Dhaba style seating arrangement (Khatia-Patia) is also available at the front side.

It is usually jam packed with only young people that too in groups.

This time I went with one of my co-workers for lunch.





Dal Tadka and Bati- Comes with a portion of Dal, 4 Batis, Chopped onion, lemon. Spicy tadka pored over plain dal. Authentic taste of dal and Tadka! It is very filling and you may not need anything further except desert.

Churma Half (without dry fruit) – Mixture of crushed Bati, Ghee and Sugar. Even if you ask it without dry fruit you will get resins as well as cashew nuts. Authentic and tasty!

Chach (Butter milk) – Not very sour, with added masala, nice way to extinguish chili fire!!!
Earlier tried

Shev Tamatar- Common Shev mixed with tangy gravy in tomato base.

Gatte Lehesuni- Gram flour balls cooked in boiling water and fried with garlicky spicy masala. It is a dry preparation.

Baigan bharta- Roasted and meshed eggplants fried with ginger, garlic and masala with lots of oil.

All under Rs 260.

Worth mentioning

They use coal fired furnace to prepare Bati.

Ker Sangari- Had a chat with hotel management. Ker is approx Rs 1300/kg and Sangari is approx Rs 300/kg. You will not get Ker and Sangari in Ker-Sangari.

Red chili chutney (complimentary and kept on table) is capable of giving the morning after effect; careful.

Once, an insect (commonly seen with stored wheat) was crawling over the cashew nut in Churma.

Once, Gatte were rotten and smelling sour. Tried complaint not answered.

Getting the parcel and eating at comfort of home is better (my view).

Things ordered may not come in sequence and sweets will arrive first.

One of the vegetables/dishes may arrive when you have finished rest of the stuff.

Once, I went for lunch, it was late noon. Since there is no parking of hotel and you park on the road we were about to park in a slot available opposite to the restaurant. Two men in inebriate condition, who were sitting just beside the space saw the vehicle approaching and just before we could park one of them moved and fallen flat on the parking space giving wicked smile. We avoided the confrontation and decided to park the vehicle somewhat away.

Be careful during visit at night time.

Finally… You will not find any other similar place in Pune which can match cost-taste-authenticity you get here.