If you like North Indian food then this one is a must try place. Don’t expect everything but what ever they have; it is tasteful quality stuff.

This place is being operated from side passage of an apartment. Low illumination and very limited seating space (only 5-6 tables).

Even if you are sitting towards the entry which is much away from kitchen still you will get the fragrance of food cooked. You may call it ventilation issue but the truth is that it makes your waiting time much hard when you are hungry.

We went about 9 in the evening and the place was full. We were required to wait for 5 minutes before we could get a place.

After going through the menu we decided to skip soups etc and decided to go for the food.








Aloo Paratha- It was thick bread stuffed with mashed potatoes, well cooked with generous usage of fat. It was nice and both of shared half. @Rs 80

Amritsari Butter chicken- This preparation was butter chicken with a twist. The red-orange gravy was not sweet but full of spices and chili. There was deep flavor of Kasuri Methi in utterly buttery the gravy. The chicken pieces were not chunks but fingers shaped appeared cut in to long pieces from Tikka. @Rs 180

Makhan wali Roti- Tandoori Roti prepared of whole wheat (Ata) dough which was full of butter. Almost a warm cookie breaking with flakes on bending. Must eat. @Rs 20
Steam Rice- Long grain white rice cooked to perfection but again with fat. Tasty. @Rs 100

Bottled water @Rs 30

Total Rs 430 (no tax…WOW)

Worth mentioning

Whatever I tried this time was very tasteful but fatty.

Took lots of time to get the stuff.

Name might suggest you that you may get all Panjabi stuff here but unfortunately you will not get Rajma or Chole etc here.

They do not accept credit cards and there is no mention of same anywhere inside/outside; only cash accepted. I had Rs 350 in my pocket but the bill was Rs 430 hence I asked the elder one to wait at the table and I went out to ATM (which was about 500 meter away) to get some money. When I came back (less than 5 minutes) the elder one was standing outside because restaurant people asked her to leave the table (since there was waiting). There was a person on guard so that that she does not get away without paying. Very unprofessional!!!

Finally… If you like North Indian food then this one is a must try place