“Ordinary place with extraordinary taste for south Indian snacks”

On Sai Chowk, Sus Road you may find a few street carts selling snacks. There is one which is owned by a family from Hyderabad with name selling South Indian snacks like Idali, Vada, Uttappa, Masala Dosa, Cut Dosa etc.

Every item is served with Sambhar, white chutney and red chutney.


Sambhar has authentic South Indian taste is not sweet (what you commonly get in Pune) but is spicy and tangy broth of lentils and gourd.

White Chutney is made up of Peanuts and coconut and green chilly. It is also spicy.

Red Chutney is made up of onion and red chili powder. It is too much spicy.

Nice thing about the place is that it starts at almost 7:00 AM in the morning which makes is good place for early morning breakfast. They are not there in noon time and wind up by 10:00 PM at night.

Hygiene levels are also good. Everything is neat and clean. If you ask for parcel, they provide it in aluminum foil boxes which you will not expect from a street cart.

Place worth visiting.