There are a few misal joints which are like legend in Pune and Newale is one of those. If you dont know the place, just ask any one in Chinchwad Gaon and you will get directions.

Famous among locals for MISAL having spicy SAMPAL (broth) with specific taste.

Tucked away on a narrow gully or lane near Morya Gosawi temple this place is a small establishment.

Only 3 tables in a congested room are always full and only lucky few get a chance to sit without waiting. Same room also has cash counter as well as kitchen where SAMPAL is always boiling on the gas.

The store in the vicinity also converted in seating area to reduce load.

Misal comes in a quarter plate with a layer of POHE, layer of FARSAN, layer or finly chopped onion. FARSAN is usually thin SHEV and PAPDI.
Above is topped up with piping hot SAMPAL.

First bite or sip guarantees THASKA (chili kick back).
This place is not for the people who can not withstand high levels of chili.

The owner is always attentive and if he finds someone running low on SAMPAL, staff comes with a big mug full of SAMPAL.

While eating MISAL one can hear noise which one makes when he or she sips on very hot and full of chili fluid. If you look around, you will find people wiping sweat.

They also do BATATA BHAJI (Potato Pakoda), sell LASSI and bottled water too.

There is only one NEWALE!!! Try at your own risk.